Run in circles, scream and shout

I was browsing some of the bigot sites this evening and ran across this set of pictures (rel=nofollow set on the link so they don’t get a bump in ranking from the search engines). I just can’t see what they think they are accomplishing. I kept thinking of that old adage, “When in danger, when doubt, run in circles, scream and shout. They must actually subscribe to that sort of philosophy. Pictures of people laying on the ground helps in what way?

Their actions remind me that the dead students at Virginia Tech were disarmed by the people that claimed to be protecting them. The people laying on the ground symbolize the people that believe submitting to evil frequently end up dead. It makes me think of “proof by vigorous assertion”. They can’t prove their case with numbers and logic so they have to just insist that lawmakers do things their way. They don’t even bother trying to prove what they want would benefit anyone but the criminals. Just do things their way or they will lay on the ground and have people take pictures.

It doesn’t seem like they are getting their way yet. Maybe if they start screaming and kicking they would get better results. It works for some two-year olds.


6 thoughts on “Run in circles, scream and shout

  1. The counterprotest for that one is to get a few hundred people dressed in the native costumes of the genocide du jour to lay on a sidewalk, under a Protest No Protection poster.

  2. Ah, but protesting against America and American principles is guh-rooooovy, baby. For a certain subset of our culture, not one thing has changed (or been learned) in over 40 years.

  3. The second criminals start obeying the signs outside of shooting galler… er… “No Gun Zones”… I might actually start caring what people like this think. Until then, they are worse than pacifists… they are intentionally trying to pursue a course of action that will cause other people to be killed. “Accessory before the fact”, anyone?

  4. Where can we see pictures of those students carrying empty holsters or did they get expelled.

  5. How about:
    “” ?

    They ain’t so easy to shoot at when the targets commence with shooting back, preferably numerous shooters and well-trained.

    Or perhaps:
    “” with a stated goal of goblin/critter/crook/muderous lout reduction?

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