Quote of the day–Alan Gottlieb and Mark Taff

This is not a summit; it’s a kangaroo court, and the outcome is as predictable as the verdicts in the Salem witch trials. Nickels and his gun control cronies merely want a showpiece to alarm the public into supporting their extremist agenda, which is not now, and never has been, in the public’s best interest.

Alan Gottlieb and Mark Taff
Guest columnists at the Seattle PI
Alan Gottlieb is founder of the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation.
Mark Taff is executive director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
Nickels’ gun summit is all for show
[Via an email from Uncle. See also the background material.

I was seriously considering showing up with my camera and a bunch of handouts of Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution with 18 USC 241 and 242 for attendees as they arrived. Unfortunately I have a appointment with my dentist to get some surgery done on an infected tooth at 8:00 AM that has been waiting a month because there weren’t any earlier openings. Then I have a design review at work that I am going to be late for because of the dentist appointment. I just won’t be able to attend at an appropriate time. And just after the oral surgery I’m likely to be a bit cranky and of course armed. That wouldn’t be the best condition to face the press should they show up.

Does anyone else want to show up with the handouts if I do the printing?–Joe]