I suppose it’s possible they figured out a way to get away with it but it sure sounds like entrapment to me:

What they noticed was that the maximum penalty for selling a firearm to a convicted felon was the same as that for being a felon in possession, 10 years in prison. So they enlisted a confidential informer with a felony record to start buying guns from gang members.


2 thoughts on “Entrapment?

  1. We’ve been saying for years they need to spend more time enforcing the gun laws that we have rather than making new ones. If the seller knew that the buyer was a felon, I have no problem with this.

  2. I believe that would still meet the classic definition of entrapment. Randy Weaver got off on that basis when he sawed off a shotgun to less than 18 inches. The line of thinking goes that the “criminal” would not have done it unless a government agent hadn’t encouraged them to commit the crime.

    I can envision situations where I would sell, or even give, a firearm to a known felon. Example, a slightly built woman convicted of embezzlement 30 years ago who now has an ex that says he is going to kill her. If it turned out that she was actually a government agent and I was the jury for someone that made that sale I’d be advocating the prosecutor be whipped in the courthouse parking lot and left hanging on the post for a couple of days without food and water.

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