Virtue of selfishness

Most anti-gun bigots have a strong tendency toward socialism and the concept of selfishness as a virtue is beyond the mental grasp of socialists. Hence it should not come as a surprise that the “Gun Guys” should think that if you wish to defend yourself that you are being selfish in a negative fashion. What I am surprised at is that he admits it:

Katz’s demands represent the height of selfishness.

Katz is the Oregon teacher with a concealed carry permit that wants to be able to defend herself against her ex-spouse.


2 thoughts on “Virtue of selfishness

  1. Ewaahah? I thought that if you took away guns from law abiding citizens, people magically stayed alive! How can giving the victim a gun help things? She might hurt a criminal!

  2. Some people would rather see a dead innocent than a dead criminal.

    The promoter of socialism must always paint a horrible, dark picture of the world so we will accept their “solutions”; hence a dead innocent is something they can use to further their cause.

    A capable, armed citizen successfully defending herself does nothing for the socialist cause. We need the state to take care of us, and the state wants no competition. It could be seen as a simple economic rivalry.

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