2 thoughts on “Airport insecurity demonstration

  1. Maybe security forgot it… wouldn’t be the first time. In 2004 a Federal Air Marshal left her gun in the restroom at Cleveland Hopkins airport.

    CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — A federal air marshal accidentally left her gun in a restroom at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, an airport spokeswoman said Friday.

    A passenger found the semiautomatic handgun Thursday and notified an airport employee. The employee then told airport police, who secured the weapon, said the spokeswoman, Pat Smith.

    “They later found it belonged to a federal air marshal who apparently was using the restroom and put it up on the shelf while she was washing her hands and forgot about it,” Smith said.

    Dave Adams, a spokesman for the federal Air Marshal Service, said the marshal, whose name was not released, probably would be suspended.


  2. Yeah, or an airport cop. Most likely it wasn’t a direct breach of the screening. But this shows there weaknesses other than the screeners.

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