A nice pointer from the Gun Guys

For once I can actually thank the Gun Guys for doing something useful. They pointed me at this video. Nice. Thanks Gun Guys.

Of course they call it ridiculous. But hey, what do you expect from him?

I still have the sneaking suspicion this guy is working for our side and collecting money from the bad guys. Nice gig if you can get it and aren’t encumbered by little things like morals and principles.


One thought on “A nice pointer from the Gun Guys

  1. Looks like a decent idea. This bit had me wondering though:

    “Instead of retrieving your shotgun from your closet in the dark, you can now, from the comfort of your own bed, grab your rifle and be ready to use it to shoot the “burglar” in a matter of seconds.”

    Is there something wrong with shooting burglars? Have they been put on a protected species list?

    Do the Gun Guys know the difference between a shotgun and a rifle?

    They put the word, “burglar” in scare quotes. So, there are no such things as “burglars” in reality? Anyone concerned about “burglars” is therefore delusional?

    Let me see if I have this straight: We must ban guns, shut down gun dealerships, imprison people who make technical errors on BATF forms, and kill gun owners whose guns are too short because there are so many criminals out there who would use guns to hurt people, but we don’t need guns in our home because there are no such things as “burglars”.

    Now I wonder what my sister would have said about armed self defense, you know, seconds before an intruder stabbed her to death in her own home. At least we can all rejoice in the fact that there was no “gun crime” committed in that instance. I mean its one thing for a young mother to be stabbed to death, and her daughter to be strangled to death with a shoestring to keep her from talking, but if a gun had been used, THAT would be bad.

    I think you’re right— the author could be working for us, trying to make the antis look like blithering idiots.

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