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Handguns should be banned because they can kill quickly and from a long distance giving victims little chance to escape. If they use knives or any other weapon then the victims can escape.

We should be tightening our borders to ensure no one can bring any guns across the border and maybe lobby the Americans for a gun ban (too bad Americans to believe in this) or else energy exports are reduced.

rewrite the safe schools act to determine which disipline method is needed on a case-by-case basis (i.e instead of expulsion, we should try mental health programs)

Some police presence near schools can be helpful but can’t be everywhere at once.


September 9, 2007
Comment in response to Gun ban needed, not school metal detectors: McGuinty 
[signed] “Vote NDP in the next federal/provincial election from Toronto, Canada”
[Heavy sigh. See also yesterday’s QOTD. Keep in mind this article was, in part, about a high school student who was fatally stabbed. Apparently victims can’t always escape. Or else it is a nuance available only to the liberal mind which, of course, escapes a red-necked, knuckle dragging, Neanderthal like me. I suppose it could be that someone is mocking McGuinty but I can’t quite convince myself that is the case.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Anonymous

  1. It has nearly all the elements:

    Outlaw self defense
    Physically isolate the population from outside influences
    Self immolation through trade restriction (it would hurt their economy far more than ours)
    Re-education camps
    Increased police presence as possible
    The desire to suppress dissent

  2. It’s encouraging to see that the majority of comments to that article were from Canadians who opposed gun control, or at least more gun control.

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