Speaking of the Fourth Amendment

Via Bruce we find out they are drug testing sewage.

So, here is how it works… They test at the main outlet for drugs, then start moving up the pipe and at each junction they mark it “clean” or “dirty” and keep moving upstream on the “dirty pipes” to the individual homes. When the arrive at your back door they have probable cause and you are busted.

The same sort of methodology will find gun owners (gun powder residue) and Jews In The Attic (DNA markers) and can also be applied to your trash at the landfill and the air downwind from your community.

I love the comment to Bruce’s post by John Thurston:

This opens a new form of blackmail:
“Be nice to me or I’ll pee in your toilet.”


3 thoughts on “Speaking of the Fourth Amendment

  1. I heart my septic system…
    Of course, now they can look INTO my house with military radar, so I guess the gunpowder residue thing won’t matter anyway…

  2. I’d be in favor of using this technology on the U.S. capitol sewers, state government buildings, etc..

    Do YOU know what your legislators have been smoking, popping, snorting, injecting?

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