Just what I would expect

From a “Gun Guy” email I received.

If someone is opposed to one inalienable right, such as the right to keep and bear arms, then it comes as no surprise when they are also opposed to other inalienable rights:

Terrorism suspects shouldn’t be allowed access to any weapons, much less these deadly ones.  But if the bill is defeated by the NRA, those suspects will still be able to walk into any gun store and buy a weapon off the shelf.

“Suspects” are whoever law enforcement wants to call a “suspect”. There is no due process, another inalienable right, involved. Everyone could be a suspect. But of course “everyone” is who this bigot wants to prohibit from owning a firearm.

Another thing this idiot bigot doesn’t understand is that making it illegal to sell a “suspect” a firearm gives people an easy way to find out if they are “on the list”. Just try to buy a firearm and if you are successful you can be pretty sure law enforcement isn’t watching you or that your fake ID hasn’t been exposed yet.

If someone is so dangerous they can’t be trusted with a firearm then they shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets and buy gasoline and matches either. Either lock them up or stop infringing their rights.