Quote of the day–Jacob Sullum

The Washington Post called this ruling “radical.” I suppose it is, in the sense that it goes to the root of what the Framers wanted to protect.

Jacob Sullum
March 14, 2007
Second Wind for the Second Amendment A federal appeals court revives the right to keep and bear arms.
[Yup. You are an extremist if you insist the Constitution should be interpreted literally instead of whichever way the political wind blows this week.

Thanks to S2 for the link.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Jacob Sullum

  1. The creation of the United States was one of the most radical political and social acts in human history. That people’s rights should take precedence over government’s wishes? That government should be subservient to unalienable rights of the people? What horror! What wonderful horror!

    Hurray for radicals!

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