Quote of the day–Sam Paredes

We are adamantly opposed to that because there would be a break in the chain of evidence so it could not be used in court. If I were a gangbanger, I would go to a shooting range and pick up a bunch of casings and leave them at the scenes of crimes.

Sam Paredes
Executive director of Gun Owners of California, a Sacramento-based lobbying group.
February 16, 2007
Bills target criminals’ use of guns
[I find it interesting that of the five articles I found (Officials support tougher gun law, California gun control bills win endorsement, Bills target criminals’ use of guns, Officials Endorse Gun Control Bills To Help Deter Gang Violence, Top cops, mayor want new gun laws) on this topic only one included a quote anywhere this negative about the proposals. Some didn’t include anything from the pro-freedom side at all. And of course none of the article titles are the least bit negative.–Joe]