Is it time?

Tam says, “Making Atlas shrug“.

For people that haven’t read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged the following is probably mostly gibberish but explaining here would be a distraction.

As Tam points out Senator Clinton is one of those rare politicians that:

…has the sheer stones to come right out in front of a national audience and baldly, openly, and without euphemism say “I want to steal your shit.

If Senator Clinton becomes President Clinton then I can seriously believe it’s time to looking for and/or creating Galt’s Gulch. It might be time for the people that have never before gone on strike to finally do just that. It might be time to forcibly demonstrate to the socialists and communists of the world that theft and redistribute of that booty does not and cannot make “the people” better off. It might be time to demonstrate that you can, after a fashion, force labor but you can’t force someone to think.

The only question I have is; Who is our John Galt?


2 thoughts on “Is it time?

  1. For those that don’t want to read the 1000+ page tome, look on Google and put in the search words ” This is John Galt speaking. ” This is the gist of the book without hurting your eyes on the small print in the paperback version. Still, it is a good book and worth the time to read. Sen. Hitlery’s statement does make you wonder if it is time to start…

    Joe R.

  2. Unfortunately, based on “Atlas Shrugged,” won’t know who he is until it is too late.

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