Firing up the propaganda machine

On Friday the Seattle PI whined about new gun control laws were unlikely in Washington State anytime soon. Today they added more to the drumbeat for their bigoted agenda with this article and picture:

He was much larger than me and had a beefy football-player build and short dark hair — the bouncer type. He was going to get physical if I objected. He was ready to push as we walked quickly past the long row of tables covered with guns and ammunition, past the woman collecting money for admission. Talk to him, I said to myself. Talk to him. I kept telling him I didn’t work for the newspapers as he herded me to the exit.

“No pictures,” he kept repeating.

“No pictures,” he insisted one last time as he opened the heavy door and gently pushed me out. Then he closed the door and left me standing outside with my camera dangling from my hand. A hand-lettered sign appeared outside the entrance: NO CAMERAS ALLOWED.

Thirty minutes earlier I had walked into the public fairgrounds to attend a local gun show in Moscow, Idaho.

Wives were threats. Girlfriends were threats. They are the new scourges of secular life, hunting down unsuspecting men to get bucks and tear out their hearts. Women who talked too much were threats. And women who held public office and wouldn’t shut up were the scourge of the land. I also have picked up bumper stickers at gun shows that said: “I just got a gun for my wife. It’s the best trade I ever made.” Or handouts detailing the “Top 10 Reasons Handguns Are Better than Women,” ending with the No. 1 reason, “You can buy a silencer for a handgun.” I also had seen some pretty vicious materials on Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno. A new fear floated above some of the gun exhibits: judges, lawyers and voters were giving women too much power, and the women were using that power to take guns away from their husbands, their boyfriends and their constituents. A gun-grabber lurked in the heart of the liberated woman.

Please explain to me the difference between this sort of propaganda and the bigoted material that implies black men like to rape white women.


6 thoughts on “Firing up the propaganda machine

  1. That “Opinion Piece” is quite the “piece”. Of what I will refrain from saying.

    Let me just say that she didn’t write it for the paper. It is the same diatribe she has been pushing for at least a few months. I read it here (second item down)

    Back in late October. I could swear I read it somewhere else previous to that.

    Of course, the PI wouldn’t let David Horsey lie to its readers in hid Editorial cartoon for 01/07/07.

    Would they?

  2. Her “evidence” is self-deprecating humor similar to the “you might be a redneck” jokes and the tradition amongst despised minorities of identifying with insulting labels – “freaks” “queers” “1%ers” etc.

    If she bothered looking for the truth she would find that much of the “gun culture” welcomes and encourages armed females.

  3. Oh I get it– she’s trying to make the Bill of Rights into a sexist thing. How cute.

    Do they also favor the forced disarming of women? Yes, they do.

    Of course, all Leftists “know” that all “Right Wingers” are racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobes who want to starve children, pollute Mother Earth and leave old people out in the streets with no food or medicine.

    It helps them forget the fact that they favor coercion over Liberty at every turn.

  4. In case said Leftist bigot chances upon this: I’m one of those eeeeevil male gun nuts, and I think women who take the time to learn the Art of the Rifle (or handgun) are pretty cool. It shows that they have what it takes to be safe in a sometimes dangerous world rather than depending on other people or accepting victimhood.

    This photographer more likely knew in advance she was breaking the “no cameras” rule. She wanted to get thrown out so she could act like the victim instead of the gate crasher—its classic Leftist M.O..

    As for walking into the Moscow Fairgrounds and paying an entry fee to a gun show so as to get pictures of the “…industrial ruins of the rural West.” I cannot think of anything more ridiculous than that. There’s not an abandoned lumber mill or mine within .50 Caliber BMG range of the city. Its like saying you went into a shopping mall to shoot pictures of wild antelope in their natural habitat. Its not just a lie, it’s a shockingly stupid and insane lie. The closest thing we have around here to “industrial ruins of the rural West” are a few abandoned farm houses, old farm implements and some old barns, but you have to drive out of town (you know, rural) and look pretty carefully to see them. The fairgrounds, incidentally, are immediately adjacent to a National Guard Armory, where several modern military vehicles, including towed artillery and ATCs, are often parked. This chick was completely out of her element.

    If you want pictures of eeeevil gun owners, here’s one I’m sure you’ll like:

    Oh, if said gun show was run by who I think– one of the owners/operators of that business is a woman, FYI. I’ve done business with them myself and spoken to her many times, so don’t get all “I’m a poor little victim of big, fat, old, mean, sexist, gun-toting men” on us. If the man hadn’t escorted you out, the lady at the ticket counter might have been obliged to do it. But that wouldn’t have been such a great story.

  5. “Her “evidence” is self-deprecating humor similar to the “you might be a redneck” jokes and the tradition amongst despised minorities of identifying with insulting labels – “freaks” “queers” “1%ers” etc.”

    How leftist-feminist of her to find such humor threatening. Likely she does not see any hostility in such feminist-leftist humor as “Question: What’s the difference between men and bonds? answer: Bonds mature.”
    There are other examples that slip my mind for now.

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