Luxury toys

I got an email from Babeland this evening. They have some toys they are pushing as gift ideas:

Spoil someone rotten with the look, feel, and total body indulgence of our top-of-the-line sex toys. These opulent items combine the latest technologies, premium craftmanship, and deluxe materials to create toys that are as decadent as they are delightful.

They have some interesting stuff available including programable (“as easy as sorting your music on iTunes”), 24K gold, stainless steel, and chrome toys. I will include just the paragraph titles to avoid pushing this blog too much past the PG-13 rating.

  • For the Connoisseur
  • For the Technophile
  • For the Fashionista
  • For the Adventurer
  • For the Minimalist
  • For the Sensualist
  • For the Bootie Queen
  • For the Realist (her)
  • For the Insatiable
  • For the Sophisticate
  • For the Aesthete

I couldn’t find any gPod’s there however.