Get a gPod for your iPod

Apple doesn’t like it but a small Japanese company has a innovative new product that is designed to be attached to your iPod–for women only:

Ichiro Kameda, the president of a tiny, two-man company in Osaka, is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with computer maker Apple.

“Putting it simply, the fight is all over what I call our beat generator. There’s a small device with three different, sound-activated motors. It’s a revolutionary invention. You can plug it in to iPods or mobile phones. It can also be programmed to operate only for certain voices,” Kameda says, referring to his company’s product.

Kameda’s commercial pride and joy is actually a women’s sex aid worn inside her most intimate orifices and buzzing her with good vibrations when set off by sound.

Though the Japanese Patent Agency gave him the right to use the devise (sic) in August last year, and the trademark he chose for the product was approved two months later, he still hasn’t been able to sell. The problem? He called the product the gPod, presumably after the G-Spot and jii, the Japanese word for masturbation. Kameda has since found out his choice of product name was like, well, taking a bite out of a rotten apple.

I wonder if Phil has some appropriate tunage


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  1. My wife wants an Ipod for Christmas…. (We are hopelessly behind the curve — we still use Walkmans for this sort of thing, fer cryin’ out loud. Anyway, this would definitely make a nice addition to the package.)

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