Equal Time for the Uninteresting

Fox News did a report a few days ago about Jay Leno having Kah-Lee-Foe-un-yuh Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appear on his show.  It was all about the “equal time clause” and whether Leno should be forced to have Arnold’s opponents on for some “equal time”.

Maybe Hollywood should be forced to cast Arnold’s political opponents as the stars in several hit movies, too.  It makes every bit as much sense, what with all the pre-election exposure all those movies are giving to Arnold.  Alternatively, We could force Blockbuster to quietly pull all of Arnold movies until after the election.  Its sickening to think about it, but I’m sure there are more than a few U.S. Congresswhores in both parties who would be willing to consider doing just that.

Update:  I though I was making a joke, but alas, no.  This has already been done by some broadcast stations.

Television stations also stopped airing Schwarzenegger’s movies after he declared his candidacy to avoid violating the equal time provision.

I found it striking that at no point in the fox broadcast, or in several others I found, did anyone ever mention any possibility that Leno might have a right to invite anyone on his show anytime he feels like it.  Freedom, I guess, isn’t worth discussing anymore.  Instead, we’re to argue in detail only about how and when we are going to exercise coercion and how thoroughly justified we are in doing so.  Apparently, fairness demands more Stalinism.


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