Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

They want to return the world to a pre-age-of-reason/age-of-enlightenment world. That is where the split took place that put the muslim world as second rate to ours. They believe that their world, following the will of God, must be able to express that as also being the best world in all aspects. If not they must in the eyes of God being doing something wrong. Since they cannot compete with us in this world, they must destroy it to return it to a state when they were the best (their enlightnment during our dark ages).

Greg Hamilton
August 8, 2006 6:58 PM
From the email list: insightstraining @ yahoogroups.com


One thought on “Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

  1. I’m reminded of the leftist’s infatuation with how they view medieval times– everything is clean and beautiful, human population is very small, and everyone, knowing their “proper place” in life, is happy and healthy, prancing in the green fields and forrests, living off the bounty of the land in harmony with nature.

    Both the Jihadis and the American Left long for the pre industrial Middle Ages when wise men (like them) called the shots and upstart entrepreneurs (who make them look ridiculous) didn’t exist.

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