Going on the offense

You cannot defeat your enemy unless you take the offense. We are opening up another offensive front:

Former U.S. representative Bob Barr of Georgia filed a $400 million lawsuit against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday, claiming Bloomberg’s attempt to crack down on gun dealers was “careless, willful and clearly illegal.”

The lawsuit, filed in Cobb County Superior Court in Marietta, Ga., came in response to a federal lawsuit filed by Bloomberg in May alleging that 15 firearm brokers in five states, including Georgia, were “rogue gun dealers.”

Barr’s lawsuit alleges that Bloomberg made misleading statements to the national media that were defamatory toward Smyrna, Ga., gun dealer Adventure Outdoors.

“We didn’t start this fight. They did,” Barr told a cheering crowd in Marietta’s city square. “But we intend to finish it and win.”
Bloomberg’s lawsuit claims that the dealer sold 21 guns over a seven-year period that were used in New York crimes. The shop’s owner, Jay Wallace, said his name has been “trashed in the public eye of the nation.”

“I’ve run my business with honesty and integrity, and I take pride in being part of the firearm industry,”he said.

The announcement took on a patriotic tune as flag-waving supporters cheered the news of the lawsuit and danced.

“We will fight to prove the Constitution of the United States is still intact, and that Mr. Bloomberg’s fight to abolish the Second Amendment must and will fail,” said Edwin Marger, a lawyer who filed the lawsuit with Barr.

See also the press release that Cam Edwards received.

I’m hoping to open up a new offensive front of my own soon. Sometimes things move far, far slower than one hopes.


One thought on “Going on the offense

  1. I especially liked this little gem:
    “And since the actions are against Georgia state law, felony charges can be filed, arrest warrants issued and extradition pursued without the cooperation of the Feds. Even if Georgia can’t gain law enforcement cooperation in extradition of Bloomberg and his criminal gang to Georgia, think of all the problems Bloomberg would have being a wanted suspected felon. No air travel, confiscated passport, or possible arrest anywhere outside the environs of NYC, especially in other states, and no possession of firearms without breaking federal law. There goes all the conferences in vacation resorts!

    Also, he would be subject to capture and delivery to Georgia by bounty hunters.”

    Bounty hunters. That has a nice ring to it.

    Bounty hunters. Now there’s something I haven’t tried.

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