Former mayor Barry, meet When Prophecy Fails

Former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry was robbed at gun point in his home–where guns are banned.  Alan Gottlieb has the appropriate response in this same article, but Barry is insane.  How can he push for tougher gun control laws when guns are already completely banned?

“It’s time, to tell anti-gun city leaders like Barry that ‘we’ve tried it your way, and it was a disaster; now let’s try it a different way.’ It is time for citizens in Washington, D.C. to once again be secure in their homes and businesses, and the only way to accomplish that is to make it possible for them to fight back,” Gottlieb said.

“If the gun ban had worked, Marion Barry would still have his wallet,” Gottlieb concluded.

Barry has vowed not to move from his home in Southeast Washington’s Ward Eight, which he represents in the city council. Instead, he said he’ll push for tougher gun control laws, the Associated Press reports.

Barry should read When Prophecy Fails–it describes his mental difficulties.