Quote of the day–Sean Flynn

You both observe that he frequently evades responding to your points. That means he can assemble his points with a quick copy-paste, or hand the job to a trollbot.

If you and Rolf are building huge dielectical muscles and/or using/building a library of arguments, more power to you.

I understand that engaging ‘the enemy’ in public debate is important. Since you aren’t going to convince Henry, you should take your considerable knowledge and skills to a forum where persuadable people are more likely to see your points, counterpoints, and the opposition’s evasions.

Don’t let this asshole steal any more of your life.

Sean Flynn
Wed 4/20/2005 9:46 AM


One thought on “Quote of the day–Sean Flynn

  1. Dude, the little loser didn’t steal ONE SECOND of my life. I ENJOY f***ing with twerps like him.

    You should see the mess I made of a Mike Moore-on when he started explaining how cool F-911 was…

    PS- some people aren’t WORTH convincing.

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