Boomershoot update, weather forecast at T-5 and counting

Less than five days until the first day of Boomershoot 2005 and the weather forecasts are probably pretty accurate by now.

Weather forecast for nearby Orofino:

Friday, Apr 29
Mostly cloudy with a little rain. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel®: 58° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the NE at 6 mph.  Low: 37° F  RealFeel: 33° F

Saturday, Apr 30
Cloudy. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel: 55° F
Saturday Night: Cloudy. Winds from the S at 7 mph.  Low: 41° F  RealFeel: 37° F

Sunday, May 1
Overcast. Winds from the N at 6 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 59° F
Sunday Night: Rainy. Winds from the WSW at 4 mph.

Barb and I visited the site today. The water went over the windshield of the van as we splashed through the creek on our way to and from dumping stuff off at the Taj Mahal.  My new dispensor for the liquid fuel leaked about a half gallon and destroyed a few hundred small paper bags (think brown paper “lunch bags”).  Most of it was caught in a plastic container lid that just happened to be directly under the dispensor so it could have been a lot worse.  I burned them and threw on a hundred or so of the old target bodies that I invested so much time and money into fire too.  The wind picked up a little later and blew some burning paper into some dry grass and brush and Barb and I had to put that fire out.  A vivid reminder of how easy things burn even when you think everything is wet.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot update, weather forecast at T-5 and counting

  1. Brush fires and everything, I suppose a forecast for rain is a good thing for Boomershoot.

  2. No. I think we’ll be fine with dry weather. The fire moved very, very slowly. I had time to take apart and repair my garden sprayer filled with water I used to put out the fire.

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