Home life update (Kim mostly–what else?)

Saturday Kim brought Xenia home from work and stayed around to visit with us for while.  She told us she had been to Seattle and back three times last week.  She changed a flat tire on one trip while wearing four inch high heels. Plus she went to Coeur d’Alene and back once.  Plus she worked nearly every day.

We bought a ‘new’ car yesterday.  A 2004 Chevrolet Aveo.  Xenia loves it.  We told her she could use it, most of the time, when she gets her drivers license.  She sat in the car and talked to her friends via her cell phone for close to an hour.

Barb and I went to visit my parents and a bunch of my mom’s relatives that had come over to visit.  A couple of them I had never met before.  One I probably hadn’t seen in at least 30 years. 

We dumped a bunch of stuff off at the Taj Mahal for the Boomershoot and we were just getting on the paved road again when Kim called and wanted to talk to Barb.  It sounds like she tore her anterior cruciate ligament.  She’ll need surgery and she won’t be able to put weight on it for quite some time.  Our guess is this means she will miss out on her Horizon Air job if that comes through this week.  Heavy sigh.