Just so you know what they think of you

From the State Journal Register:

From a police officer’s perspective, the lines between criminals and law-abiding citizens are blurred immensely when you allow everyone to carry a weapon.

“Allow”?  He must think of the average citizen as a child.  Their mindset is so incredibly alien to me.  IF I were in a position of power and had come to the conclusion that some sort of restriction were necessary I would think of it in terms of all things are permitted except for the things we need to deny. Instead it appears these people think in terms of all things are prohibited except that which they specifically allow.  I am pleased to no end the article points out the hypocrisy these same people have:

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley urged state lawmakers Tuesday not to pass a “concealed-carry” law for average Illinoisans, even though his city’s aldermen can carry guns under a little-known statute.

Chicagoans may not be able to carry guns, but their elected leaders technically can under the Illinois Municipal Code. Aldermen can become “conservators of the peace” with police powers if they get special training, and peace officers are exempted from state restrictions on concealed weapons.

When we are done liberating the Mideast we should give serious consideration to liberating the Midwest.

Update: Neanderpundit has a different view on Mayor Daley and hopes he lives to be 300 years old.