Michael Moore gets what he deserves

Kathleen Antrim at The San Francisco Examiner tells how Micheal Moore is reaping that which he has sown: 

“He was at every Oscar party and screening,” said Moore’s former manager Douglas Urbanski, a critically acclaimed 25-year veteran of the entertainment industry most recently known for the movie “The Contender,” starring Gary Oldman, Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges. “He took out full page ads, cut his hair, bathed and even wore a suit. [Moore was] very present around town.”

But the Hollywood elite turned up their surgically sculpted noses at Moore’s flick. Urbanski explained that Hollywood has had it with Moore. Many blame him for provoking conservative voters and contributing to John Kerry’s defeat in the presidential election. He’s become the No. 1 favorite target of leftists.

“In certain [Hollywood] circles he is a shutout,” Urbanski said.

Why would Moore’s former manager be so forthcoming in his criticism?

“Michael Moore makes a substantial living going into peoples’ private lives. Sneaking up on them,” Urbanski said. So Urbanski feels no compunction in talking about the only client he ever fired. In fact, he fired Moore with a 10-page letter.

A more dishonest and demented person I have never met,” [Emphasis added] Urbanski wrote me in an e-mail, “and I have known a few! And he is more money obsessed than any I have known, and that’s saying a lot.”

It was over due and it couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate person.  I hope people remember this when they think back to his ‘documentary’ Bowling for Columbine.  And it would be even better if they took back whatever award it was he got for “Best Documentary” for that piece of propaganda.