Democrats on the run

I’m not a big fan of Republicans but I’m certainly an opponent of the Democrats.  It’s with great pleasure that I see the Democrats lost seats in both houses of congress.  It appears Kerry will loose his bid for the White House.  And with 94% of the SD votes counted it appears that Daschle will lose.  With Daschle being booted out they lose their most powerful player in politics.

The impact of this could be major.  The Democrats have to be incredibly demoralized.  Their agenda is increasingly rejected.  After the 1994 ‘revolution’ in the House there were Democrat representatives that switched parties so they could be in the majority.  What will happen this time?  How much energy will they have for fighting essentially a delaying action for the Republican agenda?  Can we find a roadmap to drive this party into extinction?  My fantasy now is to have the second party in this country be the Libertarians.  To have to choose between the Libertarians and the Republicans would be a much more pleasant choice than what the realistic choices are now.

And finally I want to congratulate Stephanie Sailor (Libertarian and Boomershoot PR director) on getting 12% of the vote while spending 0 (yes ZERO) dollars on her campaign for U.S. Congress.  Roughly 27,000 people voted for her.