CDC Baffled by Firearm-Related Death Rate

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an organization that had fervently sought increased taxpayer funding for “gun violence research,” has recently published a report that brings forth significant implications. In an unexpected turn of events, the report points to a decrease in firearm-related homicides during the year 2022. This revelation holds particular significance considering that 2022 occurred during the zenith of a 50-month period in which the American public witnessed a substantial surge in firearm purchases, largely attributed to events such as the pandemic and the George Floyd Summer of Love.

The contradiction between this data and the prevalent belief that more firearms translate into a higher mortality rate is nothing short of perplexing.

January 23, 2024
CDC Baffled by Firearm-Related Death Rate

To be fair, I don’t think the CDC is baffled by their own reports. To a great number of people facts are irrelevant to their beliefs. And nearly all the other anti-gun people have nearly zero interest in the current firearm-related death rate. They want guns banned BFYTW.


7 thoughts on “CDC Baffled by Firearm-Related Death Rate

  1. Perhaps they were hoping for greater carnage. Thank you for your concern. I didn’t know the CDC was still a thing.

  2. They are only baffled by the question of how to argue that the situation calls for ever more regulation of gun ownership by ordinary citizens.

    • Bingo! They have no particular interest in causation – they’re just trying to figure out a way to explain the data away. Because science!

  3. Some of it could be that just as many people are dying from being shot. But the DA’s are only charging manslaughter. Or pleading down charges to help stop “perpetuating the cycle”.
    Something else is that crime has shifted to retail theft. Looting everything from the local bakery to some Gucci type retail store. Once the stores close? It will be back to personal crime/home invasion type crimes where a lot more people will be getting shot/killed.
    Gun sales are up because everyone knows what’s coming. The stats just need to fit the narrative is all.
    After covid? The CDC should have been closed down. Most of the upper management tried and hung. With the lower half put to hard labor for a long term of years.
    Gun control should be their concern. (So much as the aim of the firing-squad, anyway.)

  4. The contradiction between this data and the prevalent belief that more firearms translate into a higher mortality rate is nothing short of perplexing.

    This is hilarious! 😀 😀

    Repeat it again: Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but causation is impossible without correlation.

    So there’s contradiction between the data and the “prevalent belief” that “More Guns == More Crime/Death”. If the correlation were there, we could hem and haw about what the real causation is. But the correlation is NOT there, so their “prevalent belief” over causation cannot be true.

    I wonder, exactly how much contradictory data do they need to start questioning that “prevalent belief”? Is there any amount that would be enough?

      • I’ve always liked Rand Paul.

        When it came to COVID, I found myself frequently having to remind people: the man is a medical doctor. Of opthomology, yes (IIRC), but everyone goes through basic virology and immunology in med school, which alone makes him vastly more qualified to speak on the subject than any number of CNN and MSNBC talking heads. He asked hard, well-informed questions during every Congressional hearing, was very good at detecting weasel-word and bulls#!t responses, and would not back down until and unless he got satisfactory answers.

        We’re fortunate he’s on our side in all this.

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