The Most Reckless and Careless Gun Policy in the State’s History

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The mayor stood, frowning and grim, flanked by uniformed police officers. Another horrific gun crime had occurred — and it was all the fault of the state legislators who had recently repealed the law requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon, what proponents call “constitutional carry.”

“The Republican-led legislature in Columbus passed SB 215 and across this state from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati, you see an uptick in shootings across our state. . . . It’s important that we hold them accountable for passing dangerous gun laws in our state,” the mayor said, his angry voice rising above the roar of nearby freeway traffic.

“The most reckless and . . . careless gun policy in the state’s history,” the mayor said.

“It’s creating an arms race where people don’t feel safe unless they have a gun. So guns beget more guns, which, unfortunately, makes us all unsafe,” the mayor said.

But which mayor? The first quote was from Mayor Justin Bibb of Cleveland. The second one is from Mayor Andrew Ginther of Columbus. The arms-race quote was from Aftab Pureval, mayor of Cincinnati, on National Public Radio.

Ohio’s three biggest cities — they all got in with the same message: It’s not our fault; it’s the new state law.

There was only one problem: It wasn’t true.

My office commissioned a study with Bowling Green State University to examine gun crime in Ohio’s eight largest cities the year before the law changed — June 13, 2022 — and the year afterward. The conclusion: Eliminating concealed-carry licenses had no impact on gun crimes, and in six of the eight cities, gun crimes actually declined.

Dave Yost
January 10, 2024
Ohio Just Disproved a Gun-Control Talking Point

Is anyone surprised?

The anti-gun people lie. It is in their culture. You should expect them to lie even when there is nothing to be gained from it. To them, lies are easier to tell than the truth.

Not only did the total violent crime decrease, but the crimes committed with guns decreased as well. Again, no big surprise there. An armed society is a polite society. And nothing makes a violent criminal more polite than multiple jacketed hollow points.


One thought on “The Most Reckless and Careless Gun Policy in the State’s History

  1. They know they’re lying. And yet they think it a truly effective way to govern? Because no one can call you on them with a voice loud enough to matter. Doesn’t mean it’s not a lie. And something that is unworkable.
    That’s the part I can never understand. How one thinks a giant pile moronic lies builds an affective and lasting government?
    And how one can keep mentally stumbling from one lie to the next in desperation, And not see themselves as sociopaths?
    And yet here we are. Not just in Ohio. Ask yourself the last time you heard the truth out of government, almost any government? From local school boards to federal? In your lifetime?
    Labor, employment, GDP, inflation, immigration, foreign trade, etc. on and on ad nauseum.
    We have a culture of government liars in this world. We will not be voting our way out of.
    One we will be hard pressed to survive.
    It’s truly ironic that gun-control in the face of invasion is even being discussed in the “Land of the free”. But it appears the only world leader actively fighting communism in its varied forms is Vladamir Putin?
    And now the third world shithole with a gas station is going to invade Europe?

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