Only 1% Registered their Guns

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Even though Illinois lawmakers passed a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, Monday was the deadline for those who already owned assault weapons before the ban to register them.

Gov. JB Pritzker signed the statewide ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines on Jan. 10, 2023. The measure gave those who owned and purchased weapons before the law was enacted time to register.

CBS 2’s Darius Johnson had the latest on where the controversial measure stood with the new year.

As of last week, only 15,000 people completed the disclosures, according to Illinois State Police. There are nearly 2.5 million firearm owner’s IDs in the state.

Darius Johnson
January 1, 2023
Monday was deadline for Illinois owners of assault weapons prior to ban to register their guns

That is about 1.48 million people in defiance of the unconstitutional law.It is good to know 99% of people know better than to register their guns.

Rather than registering guns there should be registering of people actively attempting to deny people their civil rights. It would speed up the enforcement of 18 USC 241 and 242.


6 thoughts on “Only 1% Registered their Guns

  1. I’m curious is anybody cut off a tree branch, trimmed the ends nicely, smoothed out about the last foot of it for a nice grip (leaving the bark on the rest just to make a point), and registered it as an “assault weapon”. If used as a weapon to assault someone, doesn’t it qualify? It’s capable of multiple “shots”, and reloading it simply requires a good wind-up.

    A small sack used to contain rocks of slingshot size could certainly qualify as a “high capacity magazine”.

  2. Connecticut also had a very low rate of registration after their law was passed.

  3. That’s funny. 2A and several court decisions and still the communist persist. (Like most zombies they don’t give up till something penetrates what’s left of their cerebral cortex.)
    And it never occurs to them that their lawlessness is on display to the point everyone else is just following along?
    Want to register guns there Prit? Try the Shitcago hood, then get back to the rest of the state.
    As Matt Bracken says. 10,000 fighting age men is an army division. And you have at least one of those coming across our border every day. For how many years now? Fights coming.
    Does Pritzer think he can survive all that once it goes sporty. (As he surely knows it will.)
    Or is he so deep on an Epstein client list he just does what he’s told no matter how ignorant it is?
    Good to hear America is still alive, well and BFYTW’in! Good on you Illinois!

    • You have the causality reversed. They don’t do this stuff because they are on Epstein’s list. They are on Epstein’s list because they do this stuff.

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