Political Affiliation of People Moving to Idaho

With all the people moving to Idaho (“Idaho has been one of the top five fastest growing states in the nation since 2016.”) the question comes up, “Are they bringing their failed politics with them from California and other failed states?”

The Idaho Secretary of State has some data to shed some light on the topic. The short answer is that Idaho has 58% Republicans, 28% unaffiliated, and 13% Democrats. The incoming mixture is 65% Republican, 21% unaffiliated, and 12% Democrats. So, that says the incoming people is make the state “redder”.

But that is not the whole story:

Californians have been programmed in a way that they think they’re conservative, but then they move to a place like Eagle, Idaho, and they start asking for the same things that the government was providing them in California,

See also what Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times has to say.

And for my county of Clearwater:


There are only 8,734 people in the entire county. Hence, over 7.5% have moved there recently.


7 thoughts on “Political Affiliation of People Moving to Idaho

  1. That observation about “conservatives” from California is something I’ve noticed in my recent travels, too.

    To whit, a Democrat from most Midwest “flyover” states could be objectively more conservative than a West Coast Republican.

    What I interpret from that is that the Overton Window is not nationally applicable; the range of what’s politically and socially acceptable varies wildly depending on locale. In some cases, two regions’ relative Overton Windows may not cover any common ground at all. Like a Venn diagram in which the circles don’t overlap or even meet.

    • Yep.

      Heck what’s socially acceptable even depends on one’s social circle within a given community.

    • Salena Zito commissioned a private poll for her book The Great Revolt. Most interesting finding was that the professional/managerial class in small towns were much more likely to support Trump than their counterparts in cities.
      Additional evidence for your point

  2. A former boss once told me, when he changed jobs, he was surprised to find himself going from being a liberal in Chicago, to a conservative in Palo Alto, without any change to his views.

    I wouldn’t mind if there were a, say, 5-year waiting period after moving before one could vote in state and local elections. (Just the latter if an in-state move) so as to have time to absorb the local issues,.concerns and culture.

    • There used to be a waiting period (generally 6 months to a year, if I remember correctly) for everything (including in state/county tuition). But, the courts struck that down.

  3. Having survived the invasion of So. Oregon by Californian conservatives makes me somewhat of an expert. (Keeping the last post in mind.)
    It’s not that conservatives are not conservative in their views of the world. It’s that they have been programmed to not have a will to fight democrats/communists.
    As democrats are not afraid to organize and punch Nazi’s in the face. (Nazi’s being anyone, anywhere, at any time.)
    Conservatives can’t or won’t.
    Throw in some abuse by political/police and conservatives will stay home and never believe their lying eyes.
    To the point that most of the majority in this country are conservative in worldview.
    But sit back and watch (I’m as guilty as anyone), as a small hand full of traitors tell us were useless eaters that exhale pollution. They’re going to kill us all. All the while importing the army to do it on the nightly news.
    Humans are disposed to suffer, where evils are sufferable.
    It’s human nature and it’s being used against us in spades, yet again.
    I live in the most conservative county in Idaho. But if I tried to act against the policies everyone knows to be communist.
    I would be condemned by conservative and communist alike. And jailed in an instant.
    Look at who the front runner for conservative president is. The guy that bought into covid lock-downs, and just somehow couldn’t find a way to seal the border. All the while being back-stabbed worse than Julius Ceasar on a daily basis. And couldn’t bring himself to fire anyone?
    To say nothing of pedophilia and child mutilation? Ya, were brainwashed not to fight communists. Which is every bit as good as being one.

    • THIS

      Where this changes, is when the majority figure out that this time, it’s existential. That change is coming.

      In a “fourth turning”, one side is victorious. The other side is exterminated.

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