Police Response Times in Toronto

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So there it is, straight from the cops’ mouths, the reason you should have and carry a gun. Not that such a thing will happen up here, but still.

Never give an inch…

December 12, 2023
Latest nonsense from Toronto

Via email.

Good advice for all times. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the scenarios where the police are the ones implementing the genocide.


5 thoughts on “Police Response Times in Toronto

  1. Here’s the chant for our side:

    “From Hudson Bay to The Darién Gap,
    We’re done with your stupid Communist crap.”

    When it goes on t-shirts, it needs to be accompanied with:
    “Desde la Bahía de Hudson hasta el Tapón del Darién,
    “Hemos terminado con tu estúpida porquería comunista”
    “De la Baie d’Hudson à Darien Gap,
    “Nous en avons fini avec vos stupides conneries communistes.”

    Don’t want anyone to feel left out.

    • Too funny! Goes right along with the Monroe doctrine.
      No more communist crap on this side of the world, please.
      Severe bodily damage may occur.

  2. And let me guess, none of the cuts were to upper management?
    Vox Day calculated the deaths from government personal over the 20th. century.
    The numbers say your 7 times more likely to be killed by a local bureaucrat, than a criminal. (Which are basically the same thing.)
    As you point out Joe. The police are always on the side of authority and strength, coupled with their paycheck and pension? They will gladly arrest you for whatever their told to arrest you for.
    And that’s without the politics of management thrown in.
    Wait till they put a bunch of border jumps in inform under marshal law to witness the full truth of the matter.
    Don’t worry about knowing local cops. under marshal law Idaho police will be shipped to other locals. And vice, versa.
    The logic as it was explained to me by my local cop was that way the police would be more willing to arrest/shoot strangers. Rather than people they might know.
    I told him that it was a good policy. As I liked him. And didn’t want to be the guy that shot him. That, and it would make consoling his widow a lot easier.
    The look was precious. The fact was pressed home by the fact we were out shooting at the range. And almost every civilian there was packing better guns and equipment.

  3. “And let me guess, none of the cuts were to upper management?”

    Of course not. The office types aren’t feeling the pressure the line cops are, which is why the street cops are bailing.

    The bad result of the large losses of street cops is that, at least here in the US, they dumbed down the cops hired, starting back in the 90’s. Those willing to join now will be even dumber and probably more violence prone than the last batch. It’s all downhill now.
    I’ve seen the local cops in action. Or, inaction might be a better term.

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