ATF Doesn’t Even Attempt to Comply

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This overreach is both shocking and unconstitutional.

This proposed rule seeks to require a license of every individual who sells a firearm for anything the Bureau sees as a profit to include currency, exchange of another firearm, or a service. Despite the proposed rule regulating conduct that implicates the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, the proposed rule does not at any point reference the term “Second Amendment.” This omission demonstrates that there was no attempt by the Bureau to comply with the Constitution.

State of Kansas; Office of the Attorney General of Kansas
December 7, 2023
Comment Letter to ATF 88 Fed Reg 61993 Filed

The entire letter is very strongly worded. I found it rather entertaining.

I’m proud to say that the Idaho Attorney General also signed the letter.

I just wish the AGs of the state had the power to prosecute anyone who contributed to this attempt at infringement of our rights.


9 thoughts on “ATF Doesn’t Even Attempt to Comply

  1. Why don’t they have to include, in the heading of every bill,the part of the constitution that gives the authority for the bill?
    They need to demonstrate the Constitutionality of their proposed legislation, before it gets voted on.
    Why are they not punished for proposing unconstitutional laws? Do they not know what the constitution says? Didn’t they take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Did they do that Not Knowing what it even said?
    Unconstitutional laws are null and void. And were so at the moment they were passed.

    • Excellent idea, and ya, why don’t we? One would suppose reading comprehension be a pre-rec. for congress?
      Like you say. They kinda understood what they swore an oath to, right? And should be liable for criminal prosecution.

  2. The comment period ended. There is a 100% chance this will rule change will be made. I still spent nearly an hour, creating a comment. I suspect it will then go to court and slapped down in the fifth circuit. Again.

  3. Well, Shark’s got to swim, and commies got to commie. And this is a fine example of such. Didn’t Yuri tell us that even with empirical proof. They just won’t understand or stop the stupidity?
    I think it’s funny actually. As it shows what government is and always was. They just cloaked it under some false sensibility.
    This is what our forefathers told us they were. As the letter mentions the proposal of the British government that after the revolution was crushed. All firearms and related products would only be allowed in the Americas under license. And here we go again.
    And we shouldn’t feel alone in the firearms sphere. As Peter Schiff was reporting on a case in the courts right now where the government wants to be able to tax un-realized gains. So, if inflation that government creates inflates your asset. They can tax it.
    Kind of brings those 87,000 new IRS agents into perspective?
    It seems a full-court press of communist crap think is in motion. Sad that it will probably have to be put down the same way our forefather did.
    The nature of government is absolutism. They will leave you no choice.

    • And the same people who holler Follow the Science refuse to admit that where The People are allowed to defend themselves, crime is less.

  4. What they don’t know is that I ain’t going to tell them & neither will anyone I deal with.

  5. Just a quick sidebar, MT. The irs already taxes unrealized gains. They call it “imputed income”.

    • Wholey shit! I never had enough money to get into real deep tax codes. But son’s of bitches. They tax you on income you haven’t even made yet?
      Well ya, I guess that’s pretty much how property taxes work to.
      They say your house is worth so much, then tax you on that amount. Even if it has nothing to do with reality.
      F–k’in government! Tony Soprano got nothing on them.
      Want to see a good one? Go look at the California back child support 10% law.
      They lay the vig back on the principal to. Motherf–ker’s be suffering down there. And Google even stonewalls researching it.

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