More Private Guns in Israel

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When the war started, we knew that we were right when we said that every [person] that has a weapon can save a life. We need to enable as many people as possible to carry a weapon.

My policy within the office was to permit as many people as possible to get a weapon. Within a short period of time, we are [now] giving up to 3,000 approvals a day.

I will add more volunteers, more people in national service, because a weapon saves lives.

I call on the left: Stop crying, stop making a political campaign out of policy that saves the lives of people.

Ben Gvir
December 4, 2023
260,000 firearm permits sought since Oct. 7, after Ben Gvir’s push to arm civilians

It is a good start. But there should not be any permits required, it should be just as easy to buy and carry a gun as it is to buy and carry a book, rock, or stick. One step at a time.

I find it interesting that the political left in Israel, as in the U.S., is against private gun ownership. It’s always about control of the everyday person by the want to be rulers.


8 thoughts on “More Private Guns in Israel

  1. Israel has always had very strict gun control. This surprises a lot of people.

    I was there, decades ago, watching my mother apply for a gun permit. She had to go through a lengthy process with the police, then BUY a gun (but not take possession of it), then go through much more paperwork… before she was issued a gun license, with the serial number of the gun on it! With that, she was legally allowed to take ownership of the gun. Oh, and she was allowed to buy fifty rounds per year, I think.

    There are different rules for former military officers, who can get a gun license more easily. And there are now shooting clubs in Israel.

    Things seem to be loosening up now, and about freaking time.

  2. If there was one group of people who over the ages would learn from their experiences, you’d think it’d be the Jews.
    Well, that’s how they identify; they call themselves by the name of a religion. But from the looks of it, their actual religion is Liberalism, and one of the foundational tenets of Liberalism is a disarmed populace.
    You’d’a thought that in recent memory WWII would have been enough to teach them to Never Forget. But apparently, nope. The Six Day War… nope. Three generations was all it took, and the disarmed population was again open to be slaughtered.
    Are there people who actually practice Judaism? Or are most all simply mislabeled Liberals?

    • That was pretty much my first thoughts after the slaughter. And I found out everyone was disarmed on that side of the fence.
      Like, wait, what???
      You live next to an open air prison full of people that hate you, and have been born, bred, and brainwashed to kill you and everyone like you. And your government won’t let you have the means to fight back?
      For all the big “Never again”, sloganing. Your sure doing everything in your power to make it happen, again.
      More like “sometimes again”, maybe, when we get lazy.
      And where were the world’s premiere intel groups? Theirs and ours?
      What, nobody watching Iran’s favorite pitbull?
      The whole thing has a sorry to say, increasingly familiar stench to it.

    • I agree completely with your take on the mess in Israel! Your thoughts sound suspiciously like those expressed by a guy I had lunch with today.

  3. Lots of heads would explode if they did it, but the Israeli government going door-to-door handing out basic ARs with Vicker slings and G19s with holsters, each with 500 rounds and 10 magazines, should be the default setting.

    Monthly neighborhood shooting contests, a la 3-Gun, all feeding a national champoinship match series with lifetime tax exemption for the annual winner’s family would spark interest in training and practice. A country, however small, full of Rob Leathams would be something to behold.

    Alas, we’ll probably be reading about whomever replaces Hamas & Co commiting more similar heinous acts in several years.

    Hmmm……thinking about it, we could use similar programs in Chicago, LA, Houston, Albuquerque and a few other places. .

    • Terrorism, by definition, goes after soft targets to try to provoke the security forces into overreaction. Soft targets is another way of saying unarmed civilians. Israel has an effective army but they are 6 hours away and can’t stay perpetually on alert. If there was ever the definitive case of “You are your own first responder”, this is it.

  4. 260,000 you sY? Now tell me how many have been approved and what is the wait time between application and approval. (Hint: socialists will always seek to disarm their intended victims.) And Israel is a socialist state.

  5. >>My policy within the office was to permit as many people as possible to get a weapon.

    aaaaand there it is. Government should have ZERO input into my gun purchase. ZERO.

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