Better More Gun Owners Than Fewer

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Almost half of Democrats are gun owners and over half believe gun ownership is necessary. It is one of the greatest disconnects of either party with their membership. While Democrats have found a winning issue on abortion in recent elections, it represents a growing separation on one of the other key issues in this election. President Biden has pursued some of the most aggressively anti-gun policies of any president.

Jonathan Turley
November 22, 2023
New Polling Shows a Majority of American Households Own Guns and Support Gun Rights

Nice. But the politicians need to feel the pain for infringing upon the specific enumerated rights. A good case can be made that the politicians respecting our rights are unable to get enough votes to overcome the margin of fraud.

Still, if things ever get too oppressive it is better to have more gun owners than fewer.


5 thoughts on “Better More Gun Owners Than Fewer

  1. And yet these gun owning Democrat voters keep voting for Democrats that literally want them dead.

  2. “that includes 41% of Democrats. If this trend continues, half of the Democratic voters will soon be living in households with gun owners.”

    who admit to living in a household with guns. Considering how timid Democrats are about admitting some fact that the Party leadership finds distasteful, the real figure is certainly higher.

  3. We will see how this plays out in Virginia in January when the Democrats take control of the General Assembly. They have already said that they are ready to submit several bills that will restrict Virginia gun owners. Right now, they won’t get past the Governor.

  4. Democrats have no problem with hypocrisy. At least not their own. Di-Fi used to carry in her California days. At the same time she was telling everyone they shouldn’t. And trying to back it up with law.
    Democrats are special,,,, communist cowards. Only you have to follow the law.
    Just as Bigus was commenting above, even after SCOTUS has bitch slapped the f–k out of them. They’re just going to keep going in the same direction they were brainwashed.
    All in all this whole debate misses the point. As gun ownership is the same as hammer ownership. It’s always about what your willing to do with the tools at hand. Not the tool. Ask the Tutsis and the Hutus.
    Which actually shouldn’t be that hard. As they’re probably a bunch being imported to America as we speak.

    • The Nazis weren’t anti-gun. They absolutely fetishized guns. They just didn’t want their opponents having any.

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