No Sane Person Would Trust Any Government

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No sane and thinking person would trust any government, let alone the US government.

Firearms Policy Coalition (@gunpolicy)
Tweeted on March 12, 2022

But today’s communists know this time they will do it right.

One of the major problems is that power attracts the worst sort of person.

Just keep saying no until you run out of ammunition.


3 thoughts on “No Sane Person Would Trust Any Government

  1. I think it was Henry Kissinger that said; ” It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal”.
    And never to be forgotten Ben Franklin; ” A republic, if you can keep it.”
    The FPC shows a long line of ugly lessons that point to that truth.
    To me, it’s all about trust.
    When they ask for your trust, somethings up.
    When they demand your trust, your well on the bad path.
    When they no longer care if you trust them, your country is finished.
    And if some nefarious entity was pushing thousands of troops into your country everyday. They were killing 100,000 of your people a year. And stealing anything they could get their hands on.
    Would you call them your government? Or your enemy?
    I certainly wouldn’t trust them.
    And I ain’t never giving up my guns to them.

    • The Swiss General Guisan’s instructions to his officers at Rutli meadow in 1940. Rutli was the location where the original cantons who formed the original core of the Confederatio Helvetica met and swore an oath to support and defend each other.

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