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In spite of the men who hate us, we won’t be intimidated in our fight to keep our families safe. These threats, while unhinged and hateful, are proof that the gun violence prevention movement is winning.

Shannon Watts
February 1, 2022
Research Shows Gun Violence and Misogyny Are Closely Linked. It’s Time to Make Sure Abusers Can’t Buy Guns

Winning? Perhaps she should read some court rulings to remedy her ignorance or if ignorance isn’t her real problem then just stop lying.


6 thoughts on “SHANNON WATTS

  1. The article seems dated. But none the less, communist reasoning is always timeless.
    And I’m sure she could understand the term “shall not be infringed”, if the constitution told her and her fellow travelers it applied to them.
    One can only imagine what horrors they would do with it.
    It seems in the desperate attempt to stay relevant (and funded of course), no lie is left to be untold.
    It’s getting so ignorant, only AI could be listening to such pablum.
    If she wasn’t communist useful idiot, one could feel some sort of pity I imagine. But alas.

  2. “Threats”?

    Pics or it didn’t happen, lady. Show us these “threats”.

    And it better be something more than people responding with “I’m not giving up my guns,” or “Come and take them.” Because that’s not any more threatening than, say, promising to ban guns and send heavily-armed police SWAT teams to our homes to shoot our dogs, bust down our doors, and handcuff and physically drag us and our children out into the front yard at 3 am. In winter.

    Considerably less threatening, actually.

  3. Let’s not forget that she has been married, what, four times? And she forced her child to become “non-binary” to allow her to climb socially. Gun control supporters are the lowest form of trash.

  4. It isn’t misogyny if one hates people who wish us ill and a spokes person or two happen to be female. She needs help developing her “Picker” for which men she chooses to become close to. That deficiency isn’t MY fault.

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