You are Not Paranoid

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to tarnish its own reputation by vastly downplaying — by a factor of more than 10 — the number of incidents in which armed Americans stop spree killers. According to the FBI, the same people who can find no evidence of crime on Hunter Biden’s laptop, only 4.4% of these incidents were stopped by a good guy “civilian” with a gun. Analysis by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows the actual number is closer to 50% or more in some instances.

John Boch
October 7, 2022
FBI Massively Understates Shooting Statistics: Analysis Show Armed Americans Stop About Half of Active Killer Attacks

When I read things like this I frequently think, “You are not paranoid if they really are out to get you.”


2 thoughts on “You are Not Paranoid

  1. At this point can anyone trust anything that comes out of government’s collective mouth?
    In fact, if one doesn’t approach everything they say and do from the point of them being outright hostile toward you until proven otherwise. You haven’t been paying attention.
    I would remind everyone. Government doesn’t lie. Or just fudge statistics to fit a narrative.
    IT COMMITS PERJURY. And no longer has standing under the any doctrine of law other than that of the jungle.
    Don’t believe? Look what’s the biggest government import over the last 2 years has been?
    A replacement population very comfortable with that law structure.

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