My Guns Must Be Malfunctioning

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These weapons of war, assault weapons, have no reason other than mass murder. Their only purpose is to kill humans as rapidly as possible in large numbers.

Jay Inslee
April 25, 2023
Washington Is Now the 10th State With a Logically and Constitutionally Dubious ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

If they really where “weapons of war” then that means they are protected by the Miller decision.

If their “only purpose really is to kill humans as rapidly as possible” then all my AR-15s must be malfunctioning because I have probably fired 10,000 rounds through them without killing anyone.

It is very clear Inslee is delusional or evil. And my bet is on evil.

SAF filed a lawsuit the same day as Inslee signed the bill into law.

I think there is a fair chance of getting a preliminary injunction. And I have a sliver of hope that someday we will get to see Inslee enjoy his trial.


10 thoughts on “My Guns Must Be Malfunctioning

  1. I would be in the gallery for his trial, enjoying every moment of his discomfort. Inslee was a fucking idiot when he was my rep, and he’s still a fucking idiot now that he’s governor. Evil through stupidity?

    I was on a town hall call a few years back when he popped in to push his Climate Change agenda. He was pimping his carbon tax proposal. He said that we in Washington love our forests, and because of that we needed to tax carbon because it “poisons trees”.

    • CO2 is poisoning trees? Oh that’s rich. Did it with a straight face too, I bet.
      Oh that’s funny!

  2. Constitutionally dubious? More like Constitutionally offensive. On top of being morally, logically, and intellectually offensive.
    You might have trouble with a conviction Joe. As he his obviously retarded enough to not be able to help in his own defense.
    As Mr. Hardin from the above comment has already testified.
    It appears moronics is the shield evil hide behind these days.

    • A Zaphod Beeblebrox is the best candidate for office when you don’t actually want democratic participation.

      Stupid, joyously ignorant, impenetrably narcissistic, convinced of their own importance, the will to power… these are all ideal qualities of a elected official when the elected office does not matter. They’ll attract all the lightning while the ‘experts’ get on with the actual business of ruling.

  3. Ya know, in Miller, the court didn’t decide anything. They remanded the case back to the lower court. Miller died, and Layton’s lawyers didn’t even show up (so I read once – but also that Layton made a plea bargain) , and so the prior ruling upholding NFA stood, because nobody pursued it further.

    The dicta in Miller are fabulous, and a wonderful source of education re. the 2nd Amendment, which is why so many people think there was a 2A victory there. We didn’t really see much from it, though, until Heller.

  4. And I guarantee you that assclown Inslee is protected at all times with a squad of goons armed with these “weapons of war”.

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