Enemy of the State

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History is repeating. In today’s America, the rightists are those who don’t conform. They are labeled as the extremists, racists, the bigots, the white supremacists, domestic terrorists, haters..  in short, they are regarded as the enemy of the state.

Xi Van Fleet @XVanFleet
Chinese by birth; American by choice. Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Defender of liberty.
Tweeted on April 21, 2023


3 thoughts on “Enemy of the State

  1. One thing Americans should keep in mind always is the fact that were in the “might is right”, stage of communist collapse/takeover.
    And we have Mao’s guns this time.
    The only real choice is how you get to go. Fighting or on your knees?
    The only thing they believe in is force, and the only way they quit is through fatal major organ failure.
    Make their little struggle sessions into big communist nightmares.

  2. The difference is when the leftists were the “extremists” they weren’t demonized and society didn’t seek to round them up and eliminate them. The leftists now in power have no qualms about using whatever level and amount of violence needed to stay in power and expand that power. If we refuse to acknowledge that reality and fight back….WITH VIOLENCE…. then they win. Physical interpersonal violence is the ultimate and final arbiter of who wins and who loses. Everything else is just window dressing.

  3. I’d take issue with his comment about the rightists being the non-conformists. Maybe not to leftist extreme bullshit, but conservatives tend to conform to existing laws, and most certainly Constitutionally protected liberties. It’s the leftists who make shit up and expect everyone to toe the line to it.

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