Data and concise arguments worked?

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The turnout was very good, overflowing into other rooms with about six to one against the ban. The witnesses laid out concise arguments with good data and delved into the actual causes of mass killings.

Shawn Herrin
April 19, 2023
Blue State Shoots Down Ban On So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’

I’m surprised! Data and arguments of any type are usually pointless in opposition to gun grabbers.


5 thoughts on “Data and concise arguments worked?

  1. Narrowly. But hey, a win is a win. And everyone outside of the communist party knows gun control is BS.
    Good to hear Colorado still has representation outside of Denver!

  2. However, Colorado did pass-
    1 strengthening red flag laws
    2 raising the age to buy any gun to 21
    3 three day waiting period to pick up gun after purchase.

  3. Yes…data and arguments don’t have any meaning to gun grabbers in office.
    What DOES get their attention is the threat of being removed from office. If everyone showing up opposes a bill then even the stupidest of them will realize that voting for that bill puts their tenure in office at risk.

      • Exactly. The amount of election fraud needed seems to be the big calculation.
        Missing that number gets you a Donald rather than a Hillary.
        That and the fact that their almost done with gun control. As we just saw, their going to start using theirs on us no matter what laws are passed.

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