Delusions are Often Functional

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That’s something that people who support gun control measures need to understand: The war is lost. There is no conceivable way for things to change for the better within the next 20 to 30 years, short of a national divorce. There is no way to change hearts and minds of Republicans or the courts. There is no way to change who is in office in most states. There is no way to replace who sits on the courts quickly or change conservative disdain for stare decisis.

Brynn Tannehill
April 10, 2023
The Grim Truth: The War on Guns Is Lost

It is nice of him to admit this. Now if they would just just surrender and stop fighting a lot of money, time, and lives could be saved.

It is also revealing that he believes this is grim news and that somehow stare decisis was involved in declaring many of the existing gun laws are unconstitutional. I suppose that makes it easier to believe he and his ilk are not the baddies here. Delusions are often functional.


8 thoughts on “Delusions are Often Functional

  1. The National Divorce is acceptable. In fact it’s desirable and would avoid, for a while at least the prospect of an internal conflict.

  2. All well and good. But one delusion that keeps floating back up in the bowl is this idea of a national divorce.
    We tried that in the 1860’s. And were still fighting that war in certain ways.
    But what would a red/blue split look like today? As the whole blue world is just a few cities. With little to add other than debt.
    All wealth comes from resources. They have none. They only have control. What are they going to live on? What do they actually have to trade with? Little to nothing.
    What a national divorce looks like is exactly what happened with Russia. We used the only thing we had. Money and the military.
    And it made Russia twice as strong. (While killing their sons.)
    We can’t have a national divorce because that means they starve.
    And their never going to do that without bloodletting. Lots of it.
    Look at the desperation they are up to today. Trying to kill us off/replace us before we figure out we just don’t need them, and never have.
    We really think we can live next door to communists? Or they want to just live next door to us?
    Now that’s a f–k’in delusion

    • Your argument is unfortuately quite persuasive.

      I deem it unfortunate, because I strongly wish to avoid violence.
      … wish in one hand … guess this must be what MonkyWerkx meant when he said the massive mapping activity in the states looks like prep for martial law.

      60 years of massive money printing to fund everything, saturated the artificial global demand for dollars created by the “petrodollar”, and it’s “world reserve currency” status fed by the delusion that it was backed by gold, and later just by it’s relative stability. All that is gone now: 60 years of printed money is no longer needed globally for energy, and inflation for *more* printing has removed the “stability” delusion. All that money is flooding back to the US now… and we’re *still* printing.

      A run on the dollar is just as much a “feed back mechanism” as a run on the bank, and is happening just as fast. Things ’bout to get real.

    • It’s even worse than that. The divide is often census block by census block.

      I live in a blue city in a blue state, and yet, here in my little working class neighborhood, the red/blue split is more like 50/50.

      Go downstate and outside of the beach (invaded by NY, NJ New England refugees) the state is very, very red.

  3. They may have “lost” but at least in Washington state, the loss isn’t complete until all of their new bans and regs just signed into law get booted by the courts. Until then, their loss sure looks pretty shitty to me. I don’t really feel like I’ve won anything until I can carry on my gun hobby as normal without breaking some law. Non-compliance should not be the norm for normally law-abiding citizens.

  4. He may feel that way but the reality doesn’t match that. Yes….the gun grabbers have suffered some defeats lately. Things aren’t going their way. But THEY control the election machinery and THEY can decide from now on who holds which office. Because of that THEY decide who gets appointed to which open judicial seat. That means all those rulings that have gone OUR way of late will eventually be overturned once they succeed in replacing honest judges with their quisling appointees. Our wins are only temporary as long as THEY HOLD POWER. And they will NOT step aside willingly or peacefully. The criminal commie left plays the long game. They suffer defeats occasionally. But over time they eventually turn those losses around. What’s happened lately is no different. To KEEP our wins we have to remove them from power. There is no alternative to that reality.

  5. “But THEY control the election machinery and THEY can decide from now on who holds which office. “

    There is a reset mechanism available to correct that. I anticipate that should conditions deteriorate sufficiently it will be employed.

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