Far Closer to Snakes Than to Gods

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In ten years the Soviet Union went from being a perpetual world dominating superpower to literal non-existence and is now becoming a forgotten chapter of world history. More of a kitschy joke than a cautionary tale.

But Ayn Rand was right. This was no laughing matter. Millions of people were trapped for decades, in countries where human life was nothing, less than nothing—and they knew it. They lived in constant terror from morning to night and at night they were waiting for the doorbell to ring. In countries where there were no law or any rights of any kind, where basic necessities like food and housing were a constant struggle for everyone and they were absolutely forbidden to leave.

Did they all life happily ever after when the Soviet Union dissolved? Of course not. Utopias don’t exist, but progress does. And so do victories by good over evil. They happen all the time, both personally and politically.

The foes of liberty are many and they are powerful. But they are not particularly impressive. They will do everything within their ability to convince others that their might is eternal. That battle against them is pointless and doomed to fail. This is just another one of their many lies. It is said that they will never give up.

Yet does wanting power over others mean they will necessarily get it and get it easily? Does the fact that they supposedly will never give up somehow imply that their opponents should? Or does it imply the opposite. Evil people surrender all the time. At a certain point the costs, in every sense of the term, simply become too high.

They are not all knowing. Far from it. They are often not even particularly bright. They are not all powerful. They are men and women, far closer to snakes than they are to gods. They can, will, and have been defeated many, many, times. It is possible that those of us who fight for the dignity of mankind will lose our fight. It is not possible that we must lose our fight. That is the white pill.

Michael Malice
December 2022

The last three paragraphs resonated with me in regard to the opponents to the right to keep and bear arms. The lies, the evil, the individuals who are not particularly bright, the seeking of power over others, the belief in their power (nukes and F15s), and yet they are far closer to snakes than to gods.

I highly recommend this book.


14 thoughts on “Far Closer to Snakes Than to Gods

  1. I was thinking about Ayn Rand the other day, when I realized that, even in her pessimistic mode, she never conceived of Floyd Ferris as a DA. But now, in real life, we have one (or, I fear, a whole pile of them).

  2. Yes, definitely snakes. And we must never forget we are the power. 100 million gun owners do whatever they set their collective mind to.
    Then write their own history about how it all went down.
    What the snakes don’t seem to realize is that were just waiting for things to get bad enough that our wife’s will give us permission to go wipe them out. And start over.
    One of the biggest problems we have is that we think we are going back to the stone age when it goes down. We won’t.
    In truth the government and big business have been actively holding us back from real human progress so they can reap the profits thru centralization.
    But when you realize one can just take down a 1 megawatt wind turbine and hook it up to a 1400 hp motor (steam, gas, or water powered). As a constant source of power for yourself and your community because you are no longer under some BS global government, climate change scam?
    That local producers can market products on a national and global scale through the internet. To provide for small town economies.
    The real problem is that they have brainwashed us into thinking we can’t live without them. And nothing could be farther from the truth.
    Except maybe the other lie they would have you believe.
    That snakes can be God.

  3. According to the World Bank, there are just shy of 28 million people in ALL the militaries in the WORLD.

    There are 100 million gun owners in the United States.

    • Yeah, the math doesn’t pencil out.

      Even with militaries’ force-multipliers (the fun armored and high-powered toys), someone still has to drive/pilot them, and someone has to maintain them. Someone has to supply fuel and ammunition (have you SEEN how much fuel an Abrams tank or F-16 burns!? you’re better off calculating gallons-per-mile than miles-per-gallon!). They have to be stored someplace when not in use, and so does the fuel/ammo/parts/etc.

      All those are logistical weaknesses that creative and resourceful citizens can exploit to turn all that very nice hardware into very expensive decorations. And with 100 million of us, some in very technically-demanding careers and hobbies, you can bet there are indeed some VERY creative and resourceful souls among us.

      One of the best quotes from the 1985 movie, D.A.R.Y.L.: A child with a stick of chewing gum has just rendered your hundred million dollars of hardware useless.

      Governments seeking to oppress and tyrannize on American soil had best keep that in mind.

    • If I recall correctly, there are more deer hunting licenses issued every year just in Wisconsin (well north of a half-million) than there are total US Army combat arms soldiers.

      Yes, they have a lot of intel. They have a massive surveillance system. They have a lot of gee-whiz weapons.

      But they don’t have the numbers. If it goes all hot and pear-shaped, I don’t think it will last long. A whole lot of scores will get settled and problems solved fairly quickly, and then calm will return.

    • And our weapons are much better. Almost no one has a hunting rifle that isn’t scoped.
      And most AR’s in America have some kind of upgrades on them. Slick bolt-carriers, optics, triggers, on and on.
      Ya, were not the army anything sane would pick a fight with. But obviously sanity isn’t a pre-requisite for commander-in- chief status these days.

  4. The Left rants about Cletus and Billy Bob with their deer rifles being no match for the government’s Abrams tank, completely failing to understand that they do not have to be a match to win. They just have to shoot the fuel truck driver, or the fuel trucks, or sufficiently threaten his family’s lives to get the driver to disappear.

    That’s called “mobility kill” and it’s just as effective as a destructive kill. Plus, it leaves a functional tank for our guys to use, should it be…….”convenient to do so.”

    • Actually, based on the past record of the Biden military, they just need to place a sufficient number of suitcases outside NORAD with a stickie on the outside saying WOMEN’S CLOTHING INSIDE. DO NOT TOUCH.

      The distraction should be enough to keep them from nuking us.

  5. For $23.40, he can’t afford an editor. “lose”, not “loose”. Sigh.

    • I transcribed that from an Audible book, late at night, with not much sleep. It’s my fault, not his.

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