3 thoughts on “Why Gun Control?

  1. The scarier idea is that, based on the best eye witness accounts, people DID willingly load themselves into boxcars.

    There is a more complex idea hidden here. Is it possible that the relationship is reversed? That gun ownership is a predictor of critical thinking and emotional agency, and not a protector of it? Which comes first? If you disarm a critical thinker who acts with agency, does he become a non-critical thinker without agency as a result? Or does he retain those characteristics and avoid the boxcar scenario even if disarmed?

  2. “This is not the reason for all advocates of gun control”

    Only over 95% of the democrat party, 100% of the far left, 100% of the entire United States military leadership and over 90% of all judges.

    Box cars may not work but nukes will. And if you do not think the majority opinion of the democrat party is to deploy nukes to exterminate all gun owners you are not paying attention to your current democrat party member. There is a reason why democrats bring up quashing gun owners with nukes: because they want to. Damn the consequences. In fact since there ultimate goal is the complete and total permanent destruction and ruination of the United States on every level that makes those goals happen that much faster.

  3. Boxcars is way to cliche. But a nice big cushy bus? No problem!
    To me and Tasso’s point. It’s always about mindset first. Once your mind clicks into the fact that your government is no longer legitimate.
    And never has had the peoples interests in mind.
    Everything else follows and cannot be reversed by circumstances.
    You will fight. With whatever you can get.
    It’s why communism always fails, every time it’s tried.

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