Compensating with Childish Insults

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At this point I think he might be an ammosexual. That would make a lot of sense- we all know he’s compensating for something.

InsertCleverIronicNameHere @cleverirony
Tweeted on December 11, 2022

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Another Monday, another person compensating for their lack of a response to SCOTUS decisions by flinging a childish insult like it was monkey poo.


3 thoughts on “Compensating with Childish Insults

  1. Ammosexual (n): one who is willing to use ammunition against those who threaten the person with whom he is having sex.

    Takehernotmesexual (n): one who, unlike an ammosexual, runs away and allows the person with whom he is having sex to be gang-raped and murdered.

  2. Funny how the same group that shoves LGBGTMwhatever into the faces of those who really just don’t care what your preferences are, are also the first to start flinging the childish penis jokes around. I wonder just who is compensating?

  3. On one hand, it is comforting that the anti-rights people know what the windows on the short bus taste like.

    On the other hand, while a measure of a person can be approximated by the quality of their enemies, I look out upon the proverbial field of battle and despair. Rather than orderly companies of earnest (but wrong) foes, I see clusterf*ck gaggles of the willfully ignorant, the truly stupid, the malignantly narscissistic, and the evilly authoritarian, plus those that are any combination of the preceding. While the evil authoritarians are a worthy foe, they tend to stay in the background and feed money to the other three, who will not shut up.

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