Bump stocks are now legal in three states

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In January the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ATF’s Trump-mandated bump stock ban was unconstitutional. Today, in a 13-3 ruling, the Court of Appeals finalized its ruling, mandating that the case — Cargill v. Garland — be remanded to the lower court to reverse its decision [that upheld the ban] and enter a judgement in favor of the plaintiff, Michael Cargill.

Dan Zimmerman
February 28, 2023
Fifth Circuit Finalizes Ruling In Favor of Plaintiff in Cargill v. Garland, Legalizes Bump Stocks in Three States

This is a good first step. Only about 100k steps to go.

There is a non-zero chance my grandchildren will have the opportunity to participate in machine gun sporting events in high school.


4 thoughts on “Bump stocks are now legal in three states

  1. Trump’s ban has been a drain on resources that could have gone to some other very needy fights.
    Beside his personnel choices. This is one of the problems with not having some hard convictions toward the constitution. Nor the unintended consequences of giving the communists an inch.
    When Trump said, “I’m banning them because I don’t like them.” That killed what little he had going for him. Anyone that stupid and egotistical was going to get run over by the communists.
    And looky what happened.
    All over a stupid piece of plastic that does little more than waste ammo.
    Now he wants a second shot?
    Trump may or may not be a puppet. But he sure gets played a lot.

    • I can see a bit of silver lining. This is such an obvious win.* It will establish precedent that tilts the scales in the proper direction and help create a slippery slope in our favor.

      But, on the whole, President Obama was better on gun law than President Trump (carry in National Parks and other Federal Lands).

      We do have to give Trump credit on the judges. That made a HUGE difference in our present day position.

      * 1) The ATF is clearly claiming they can change the letter of the law.
      2) If we can make something which functions as a machine gun, then why can we have the real thing?

      • Yes, all wins are good. And leverage in our favor for the restoration of rights is a big bonus.
        Thanks for that. Sometimes I get tunnel vision.

  2. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, for those of you not eager to start clicking on links to find out which 3 states…

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