Russia Suspends Participation in Nuclear Arms Treaty

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As of today, Russia is suspending its participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty.

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
February 21, 2023
Russia Suspends Participation in Last Nuclear Arms Treaty With US

I’m not sure this amounts to much more than “sabre rattling”, but you should prepare appropriately.


8 thoughts on “Russia Suspends Participation in Nuclear Arms Treaty

  1. I think Russia has made it clear they consider us as “unagreeable”. As we don’t make agreements we feel compelled or ruled by.
    We made agreements to move no farther east with NATO after the soviet collapse. Which we have repeatedly violated.
    That, and much more is at play here.
    Wither one likes Russia or not. We cannot claim the moral high ground on this one.
    As I can imagine no one wanting drag queens and people that are willing to mutilate children anywhere around their society. Let alone a government that would infect then vaccinate its people to death. All the while importing a murderous replacement workforce.
    If one loves one’s country and people, you don’t treat them as we are being treated today by our overlords.
    And it’s becoming clearer by the day this is China using the west to drive Russia into their arms. As Russia has the resources needed to drive China into global hegemony.
    If we had a government, it would not allow Mexico or Canada to be used as Ukraine is being used by the west against Russia.
    And we would be willing to fight. Even nuking China if necessary to stop it from happening.
    We are not the good guys in this fight. And if we get nuked it will be our own fault.

  2. Is America the one who induced NATO to make the former Warsaw Pact nations ask for membership in NATO? What were the offensive moves by America that induced the first wave of countries requesting membership in NATO? Chechnia? What was the provocation there,exactly? The handwringing in the west?.

    I think this renunciation of the START to be a response that permits the Queen to threaten both a pawn and a more valuable piece. If Russia intends to go further, why renounce the treaty? Why not simply mass troops at the western border?

    China is playing Go, Russia is playing Chess, and it looks like Biden is playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

    • “And it looks like Biden is playing Tic-Tac-Toe.”
      More like playing with himself. And doing what he’s told till satan takes him home.

  3. It has all the marks of a show, a thriller, designed to make it look like we are on the edge of global nuclear war. Who and why they are creating this illusion I can only speculate on. [insert tinfoil hat allusion here]

  4. I think this is more about Putin posturing himself as someone who cannot be bluffed and being seen as someone willing to play hardball. The START treaty, having been in effect for some time has, unless the Russians have been cheating (Say it ain’t so!), a known number of deployed warheads for each side. Russia has more than the US, likely because our allies also have a few themselves and are not bound by this treaty. However, unless nuclear warheads have been clandestinely built, it will take some time to build more warheads as well as launch vehicle systems, mate them together and then effectively deploy them. If their nuclear arsenal is as well cared for as their conventional arsenal, as has been seen in Ukraine, it will be sometime before it is an effective threat or deterrent. Putin just wants everyone to know he will not be controlled and a nuclear threat is a good way to do that, especially when it will not be verifiable because he has trashed the agreement that would enable verification. Now he can claim whatever he wants with impunity and no one can prove him wrong without being willing to push the big red button themselves, which is very improbable. Our whole nuclear arsenal is designed for retaliation and we have always wanted to claim the moral high ground so our leadership is highly unlikely to ever make a first strike move. And don’t forget the possibility that our leaders WANT Putin to look like a crazy man so they have an excuse to insist on more “protective measures” for our own good that will further erode our already tenuous hold on a Constitutional government.

  5. Most of us have heard the saying ‘the older I get the less of a deterrent life in prison is’. The same reasoning applies to angry old politicians and nuclear war. Putin has a lot less to lose than most people by opening up the Pandora’s box of nuclear war. Means it’s certainly not beyond reason. One would hope that if he issues the order to launch his subordinates decide that it’s time he is tossed out a high rise window.

    • The older one gets, other more “a life sentence without possibility of parole” sounds like a retirement plan.

      Look, if you’re going to go about earning a state-sponsored retirement plan the hard way. please, really do something worth-while.

    • Biden is older and angrier than Putin. That some of the anger may be dementia induced is irrelevant to the level of anger.

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