If people were serious about stopping mass school murders

There are numerous potential ways to reduce the risk of mass murders at schools. But to the best of my knowledge there is one way that, for all practical purposes, reduces the risk to zero: As I have said before, eliminate the massing of students in one place.

But, since you almost never hear this offered as a solution one must conclude the vast majority of people have something else as a higher priority that stopping these mass murders.

The political left dances in the blood at these events. So, I understand why they aren’t all that serious about stopping them. But what about those of other political persuasions?


5 thoughts on “If people were serious about stopping mass school murders

  1. On-line education didn’t work so well during the COVID lunacy. I suppose it could be done better but so could in person education. Special ed kids seem to have been particularly hurt by the process. Some of the other adaptations like home school and pods seem to have worked better.

    I am sticking with the good guys with guns. They can’t completely stop violence but can stop a shooting from becoming a mass shooting. An unopposed killer will shoot someone every 10 seconds until he runs out of targets, ammo, or motivation. Average police response time is 6 minutes. Do the math.

    • Home schooling often works much better than public schools. So why were results different during the COVID shutdowns, when public schools were actually helping with it?

      School administrators and teachers not only had no experience with on-line education, they also had every reason to make it fail. If it worked, we could fire most of them.

  2. The only thing that works against the element of surprise. Is the element of surprise. Some teachers need to be armed.
    That, and a people that are not afraid to fight back.
    And once the whole thing is over. The shooter is publicly executed. composted, and absolutely erased from all official records.
    Adam Lanza’s of the world never existed. They need to know they will be forgotten.

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