Anyone who owns a semi-auto gun is sick

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Now it seems Biden and his anti-gun handlers are trying to expand the “confusion” to include any semi-automatic, not just popular rifles that happen to look like the fully automatic rifles used in the military.  This apparent intent to expand “confusion” is supported by Biden’s desire to ban 9mm semi-autos, arguably the most popular type of handgun purchased by law-abiding citizens for self-defense.  It is also supported by Biden implying that anyone who owns a semi-auto—the vast majority whom are law-abiding gun owners—is “sick.”

February 13, 2023
Biden’s Meandering, Sometimes Incoherent, SOTU Inevitably Includes Attack on 2A

This is what they think of you. They think you are easily confused by firearm technology and that if you own a semi-auto you are sick.

Ironic, huh?


11 thoughts on “Anyone who owns a semi-auto gun is sick

  1. Well to the leftists and the democrat party anyone who owns any guns at all are ‘sick’. They are ‘sick’ in the sense that these people, tens if not easily over 100 million of them do not share the same political opinion and ideology that they do and the best thing to do to all these ‘sick’ people is to kill every single solitary one of them.

  2. I am sick. Sick and tired of listening to communist whine about not being able to murder with impunity.
    Try this one on the commies.
    You actually agree with the biggest liar to ever walk the halls of government?
    The same criminal that liked showering with his minor daughter?
    Sales his position in government for bribes?
    Has dementia and an IQ of about 75 at this point. (If it was ever that high in the first place.)
    Got literally drug out of his basement and placed in office as a surrogate president.
    And can’t complete a paragraph without forgetting the topic.
    Demands everyone pretend he knows what he’s doing, and just give up their guns?
    In the face of 100’s of millions of defenseless people murdered by governments that have used the same tired lies countless times before?
    (Hell, I might even consider it, if you would come up with and original lie or two.)
    And I might be sick, but I ain’t that stupid! You go girlfriend!
    I don’t give a shit what laws you pass. Why? Because you already tore up the social contract we had. Dipstick. And BFYTW!

    • He demands nothing. His handlers demand everything in his name.

      Like you said, he was “drug out of his basement and placed in office as a surrogate president”, and is not in his right mind (dementia, senility, plain-old ignorance and stupidity, whatever it is).

      Does that sound like a man who demands anything more than another pudding cup?

      He’s dangerous to freedom and the Constitution. Not because he’s intelligent or an ideologue, but because he’s malleable.

      • Absolutely. But their the one’s parroting a demented, literal diaper load for brains, elitest puppet. Not us.
        And were the one’s that’s sick?
        It’s time to pick on their mama.
        He’s/they are only dangerous to that which we refuse to defend.

  3. Any time gubmint confiscation goon squads feel froggy enough to try. Because if I have 54 guns and the gubmint wants 35, I will still have 54 guns.

    You see, I have already resolved myself to the fact that if they ever come to my property, they already think they have cause to use deadly force to ensure whatever compliance they think is called for. Therefore, that means my life as I know it will already be over, so I will respond in kind as a man with NOTHING TO LOSE. That will mean several of them will not be going home to their families afterward. Tough shit. I am under no illusion that anyone in my house will ultimately survive, but we will die as free citizens, not subjugated slaves. My theory has always been if enough free citizens think and act in this manner, the outcry to halt the body count will be deafening.

    • And if one ever needs positive reinforcement. You can always watch the Daniel Shaver video to understand their mindset.
      One should always be ready to fight the good fight. Especially if it’s our last.
      If one’s headed for hell? Bring scalps!

  4. “This is what they think of you.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s not really what they think of us, it’s actually what they want non-gun owners to think of us.

    It’s an effort to “other” us. We’re something to be feared and when you fear something you have to try to control it.

    The Government SHOULD fear us. The populace should not.

    Fortunately for us, a confluence of events has led to higher and higher numbers of gun owners so the pool of “non-gun owners” they can dupe and frighten is getting smaller and smaller.

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