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It’s worth noting that the PEW Research Center reported in 2021 the household gun ownership rate in rural areas was 79% higher than in urban areas. Gun control proponents will have a hard time explaining why their existing efforts don’t work, but beyond that—and moreover, more importantly—there’s really nothing they can do to combat the fact that rural and suburban areas where gun ownership rates are much higher saw so many fewer homicide deaths in the years studied.

Hannah Cox
January 23, 2023
NEW crime data shows cities with strict gun control laws responsible for most gun homicides
[They won’t bother trying to explain it. They will just ignore it. Facts which don’t match the narrative are irrelevant to them.—Joe]


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  1. Yes, and we need to settle it in our minds that they are not like us. They don’t use reason and logic as motivations.
    Something else we need to settle in our minds is the question of their innocence. They know full well everything they’re doing is criminal. No doubt should be given to anyone espousing gun-control.
    They have placed themselves in that concentration camp of ignorance.
    They have never shown us a seconds worth of mercy. And we should no longer offer them a pass.
    Anyone espousing gun control should immediately get buried in all the scorn one can heap upon them.
    I use to say. Well, that’s not correct. And here is why.
    Now it’s. What a load of lying crap! (They’re SJW’s, they always lie). Did you go to Harvard for that lobotomy?
    And then it only escalates.
    They need to know all their going to get is a brutal fight. One that your ready for.

  2. There are 8 counties in Kommiecticut, and I live in rural Windham County. The violent crime occurs in Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield counties which is no surprise, just watch the local nightly news. While I only have my own anecdotal evidence, gun ownership is definitely high, and violent crime is very low. Criminals seem to instinctively know not to F.A.F.O., because they will also be subject to the 3S Treatment and become an anonymous missing person.

    • Exactly, The same police that don’t do shit about those criminals, crimes. Don’t go looking for their missing person/carcasses either.

  3. Yep. It’s a data point (actually a whole set of data points) that they will ignore because it doesn’t match their desired outcome.

    Just like how they’re happy to compare homicide rates of “developed nations” by looking at the U.S. (with a lot of guns, higher homicide rate) and U.K. (with very few guns, very few homicides), and point to “lax gun laws” as the cause. But they DON’T want to compare Switzerland (lots of guns, low homicide rate) with Germany (few guns, higher homicide rate).

    Do they consider Switzerland and/or Germany “not developed”?

    They also refuse to factor in other (non-homicide) violent crimes. Armed robberies and sexual assaults are WAY up in the U.K., where guns — and increasingly knives — aren’t allowed. Those data points refute the anti-gunners’ assertions, so they get ignored.

    • And the un-touchable third rail of what race is doing most of those murders.
      It ain’t rural or suburban whitey that’s got a problem.

      • It isn’t even rural or suburban Asian, Black, or Hispanic that has the problem.

        I do wonder about the data though. “Reported” gun ownership is high in rural settings, but I’d say a LOT more households have guns in the inner city than were accounted for in their survey.

  4. Marxism is a religion. It actually meets the SCOTUS definition of one. Part Gnosticism, part Satanism, part narcissism, it’s self-centered. The think they are as gods. Not actual gods the way a Christian or traditional religion might think of it, but they view themselves as arbiters of reality and morality. Even creators of reality and morality. Many of them honestly believe their word-spells make it so. And of course, gods must be obeyed, right?

    Part of that religious faith is the duty to action, to make the world comply and conform with their view of how it SHOULD be. They are gods, so of course they know how it is supposed to work. They have no interest in how it is, and they find it very frustrating that we keep not acting as they project we are supposed to. They gradually escalate the force needed to MAKE people comply with their world-view. If we’d just do so, they are absolutely convinced that everything would work out swimmingly. It’s just our fickle non-conformity with their worldview that is keeping everyone from Utopia.

    Therefore, we must be evil, as we are preventing utopia / heaven here on earth right now.

    The fact their worldview will fail horribly regardless of our actions because of its internal contradictions, moving goalposts, ever-changing definitions, and the laws of thermodynamics means that even if they were to force everyone to comply, utopia would still not arrive. At that point, our mere existence is the problem, so the slaughter will be demanded. When that fails they will shift targets and accuse another of insufficient zeal and being a wrecker. When they are dead, another will be out-grouped. etc., ad infinitum. It’s a cult. A very destructive, nihilistic, dangerous cult. They are not smart, but they are crafty, and lead by the King of Lies.

    The revolution always eats its own, because it MUST eat its own.

    • Exactly right. And the same goes for the cult of warmism, which in a way is an offshoot of marxism. That has its own high priests, a headquarters (Davos) and an Inquisition to hunt down and burn heretics. Also a Holy Writ that none shall question, though it does not and never had any connection to reality.

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