Quote of the day—David Brooks

I think it would be something. I think would be good not only to head off shootings, but good to live in a society where we cared more intimately about each other. And I would be willing to give up certain privacies for that to happen. But for many Americans that would just be a massive cultural shift to regard our community and regard our common good in more frankly a European style. I think it would benefit our society in a whole range of areas.

David Brooks
New York Times Columnist
November 27, 2022
It would be good for ‘a massive cultural shift’ toward European gun control: New York Times columnist
[And I think it would be good if people who prefer socialism and communism over individualism and individual liberty were to move to some other country and leave us alone.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Brooks

  1. It’s unfortunate that someone who used to be a favorite commenter of mine has turned into what he is now.

  2. “Those that beat their swords into plow shears, Will end up plowing for those that didn’t.” Ben Franklin
    Hey David, you want to drop trow and bend over in front of Klaus Schwab and Co.?
    Don’t whine about what happens next. (Don’t worry, your way too old for them.)

    “That would take a gigantic culture shift in this country. A revamping of the way we think about privacy, a revamping of the way we think about the role government plays in protecting the common good,” Brooks said during a segment on PBS’ “Newshour.”
    With a 100 million gun owners and growing, 6X that in guns or better. “Gigantic”, doesn’t even start to cover the culture shift your talking about.
    And since when has ANY government 200 years old ever “protected the common good”?
    I can see why the communists kill the useful idiots. They truly are pathetic.

  3. Note he states it is in the hope of safety, not the promise of it. Like somehow the feeling of safety is all that matters. And that is fine for a lot of people until feelings can’t stop reality. Like recent events in Idaho.

    And anti-gun people get enraged at us because they think we’re carrying a gun for the feeling of safety it provides, never making the connection in their cognitive dissonance with the belief espoused above. Like somehow the feeling of safety from gun control is valid but the feeling of protection if needed a gun provides is beyond the pale.

    Then point it out to them. And then, usually, the compensation comments emerge.

    I see what my birth country is becoming. There’s a reason I don’t live there anymore.

  4. I wonder if his asshole ever gets jealous of the shit that comes out of his mouth….

  5. “I think it would be something. I think would be good not only to head off shootings, but good to live in a society where we cared more intimately about each other.”
    Only a guess on my part, but, didn’t you already reject Christianity Mr. Brooks?
    Good luck replacing it with anything someone from the NYT could come up with.
    The power structure that survived the Soviet collapse is doing what today? (Which were heading into).
    Banning faggotery, drugs, and encouraging people to go back to church.
    We already had pretty much what you say you wanted.

  6. David Brooks is unusual in his,ability to be called an idiot by both the right and the left. He had his brief shining moment with Bobos in Paradise and the Paul Krugman started cailing him stupid in the NYT at the same time as the National Review was also calling him stupid.
    If Mr. Brooks likes Europe so much he is free to emigrate.

    • Being called stupid by Paul Krugman is a bit like being called smelly by a walking rat turd. Paul Krugman, even more than Joe Biden, has an unblemished track record of being utterly wrong on everything.

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