Quote of the day—Tom Gresham @Guntalk

Mental Health Reminder: Before you get into an online shouting match with someone, remember that it’s quite likely that there is no one there. It’s a bot. Often best to move on, putting your efforts into something that’s actually productive. Like reloading. 😉

Tom Gresham @Guntalk
Tweeted on October 21, 2022
[This is probably good advice.

Reloading, practice, and building your underground bunker.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Gresham @Guntalk

  1. It could be a bot made of meat.

    The old sysadmin threat of “Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script” is no longer reserved for a corporate white collar environment.

  2. An on-line bot capable of passing the Turing Test?
    Amazon’s Alexa AI can’t understand “What’s the current wind direction?” It answered “From the right”.

    • That would explain that Peterson woman or “Markaphasia” over at Smallest Minority.

  3. While you may be “arguing” with a ‘bot’ other people may be reading….and what you say/write may make a difference to their perspective.

  4. Hmmm……..

    Is there a series of questions the structure, syntax and content of which might constitute a “mini-Turing Test” for bots, including meat bots?

    I suspect a certain degree of overlapping partially contrary queries in which exclusionary conditions must be considered and responded to might exacerbate cognitive dissonance to provoke conflicting responses that would reveal the existence of either type of bot (eg., produce an abend of varying degree).

    Programming, both electronic and biological, does have limits.

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